Kitsap County Superior Court updates wireless system through FWSC funding

Thanks to donations made through FWSC, Kitsap County Superior Court was able to update the wireless system throughout the courthouse to ensure that all electronic information on the system is secure. Frank Maoiocco, Court Administrator, expressed his thanks:

“The Kitsap County Superior Court, including its Adult Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court teams, greatly appreciates the investment made by the Foundation for Washington State Courts in our recently upgraded wireless system. Through your generous donation, we have been able to install multiple Ruckus access points on the second floor of the County Courthouse which have effectively established a secure wireless pathway for the transaction of treatment information while separating it from general, unsecure wifi for our citizens, Bar members, and jurors. Thank you for contributing to our expansion of wireless connectivity for our judges and court employees, our jurors, and our daily Superior Court customers.”
-Frank Maiocco, Court Administrator, Kitsap County Superior Court